What is iERS?

iERS is a patented energy saving technology that optimises energy consumption on lightly loaded AC motors.

iERS reduces the voltage and current supplied to a lightly loaded motor to only allow the motor to consume the exact amount of energy required. An integrated internal bypass ensures efficient energy use in all operating conditions.

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How does iERS work?

iERS is a technology that monitors the voltage, current and power factor during the start of a motor and then uses this information to ensure the motor runs efficiently under all load conditions.

It reduces energy consumption, carbon footprint and cost, all the while reducing maintenance and downtime.

Take a look at how iERS manages energy efficiency.

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Where is it used?

iERS can be installed to run with almost any fixed speed motor application and is suitable for applications in a broad range of sectors.

From Retail and Airports through to Mining, Oil and Gas and manufacturing, iERS can provide an energy efficiency solution to many fixed speed motor applications.

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iERS, intelligently reducing energy consumption in Vertical Transport Applications.

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